About Ben

A custom furniture maker by day and prolific painter by night, Benjamin Alexander Clark is known for artwork both imaginative and bold. Raised in Berkley, California by parents who took him to many protest marches as a child, the long-time Portland, Oregon resident paints exclusively on reclaimed materials. In 2005, the Portland Tribune wrote: “Sheets of plywood, discarded road signs and, yes, doors, are all potential canvases for the boyishly enthusiastic 34-year-old, whose work is capturing the attention of local art collectors and aficionados.”

And in 2008, The Oregonian wrote that pain from Benjamin’s youth contributes to his prodigious output: “Years ago, I discovered that all that is like solid jet fuel, and it burns hot, man. Rather than having it control me, I control it now.”

The artist often contributes his time and paintings to benefit worthy causes, including homeless youth. At least once a year he also cleans out his studio and randomly distributes dozens of paintings around the city, scattering them “like dandelion seeds in a manic burst of giving” (The Oregonian). Because of this ritual, some friends describe him as a guerrilla artist, a soubriquet he blanches at. He told the newspaper: “It’s a guerrilla act, technically. I’m not trying to make a statement. I’m letting go of dormant energy in my world and leaving it to other people to revive it if they want.”

Benjamin welcomes inquiries, especially by phone (503-706-0003). His voice-mail greeting, recorded in German by a friend, should be liberally interpreted to mean he will call you soon.